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Publicly Traded Securities

Gifts of publicly traded securities provide special tax incentives when you give “in kind” to YESS.

  1. You are not required to pay tax on any capital gain on the gift you have made to YESS.
  2. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities on the day YESS receives them.

In Alberta, an in-kind gift of shares or mutual funds may provide almost $200 of additional tax savings for every $1,000 of capital gain than would be the case if you sold the shares and gave the proceeds to YESS.
This tax incentive also applies to “in-kind” gifts of publicly traded securities made in your will. 

Share transfer instructions and share transfer forms are available, however, we encourage you to contact us directly to advise us of a contemplated gift and ensure a smooth transfer process. 

Please note that the transfer of different kinds of securities take different amounts of time.  As part of your tax planning, please consider allowing ample time before year-end to facilitate your gift.

We welcome your questions and discussions around this or any type of gift to YESS.

Please contact our Donor Relations & Philanthropy team:

Phone: 780-486-7070
Email: giving@yess.org