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Breaking Illusions Art Show and Sale

Help YESS celebrate the accomplishments of our youth!

For the past six months, youth at the Armoury Resource Centre (ARC) have had the opportunity to learn from local artist Claire Uhlick as part of the Artist in Residence Program, graciously funded by the Edmonton Arts Council and Trailblazer RV. While also working on her own art in her ARC studio, Claire has explored all types of artistic mediums with the youth, providing them with a creative outlet and a chance to explore hidden talents. The Breaking Illusions Art Show and Sale is a wonderful opportunity for Claire and the youth to proudly present their work and for the community to appreciate the art created at Youth Empowerment & Support Services. All proceeds of sales go directly to the artists.

Please visit our Art Show and Sale (supported by Simons), happening May 6-16 at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. You are also invited to join us at the Closing Reception, on Friday, May 16, 6-8pm.

Feel free to bring guests and to share this invitation!