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Homeless for a Night 2015

Step outside…of your comfort zone.

Homeless for a Night is about becoming more acquainted with the incredibly difficult reality that more than 500 youth in Edmonton face – homelessness.  Their reality is painted with fear, confusion, hunger, hopelessness, despair, struggle, loneliness, abuse, abandonment, and trauma.  Homeless for a Night challenges participants to help raise awareness about the hardships that these youth face, while raising pledges to help them rebuild their lives.

While the experience for participants comes nowhere close to the reality of actually being on the streets, the event encourages people to move a little beyond their comfort zone and imagine a life with far less luxury. 

While you won't have your fluffy pillow, or your warm bed, there are lots of fun elements such as live music, fires after dark, team challenges, concession and bar.


When: June 12-13, 2015

Where: Telus Field, Edmonton

For more information or to register visit the Homeless for a Night website at www.homelessforanight.yess.org