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Taste of Edmonton

Brought to you by volunteerism and community involvement, Taste of Edmonton has become a summer tradition within our city that celebrates all the culinary delights and lip-smacking beverages that our community has to offer. Pleasing the forever-loyal downtown crowd and other food-enthusiasts who head into the heart of the city to sample these scrumptious dishes, Taste of Edmonton has been able to grow into the largest food festival in Canada.

Culinary Adventures
Taste of Edmonton is proud to introduce a new set of Culinary Adventures that will allow food-lovers to venture off Churchill Square and into the backyards our favourite local producers and food growers.

Sip 'n Savour
Sip 'n Savour is our newest venue and is located in the middle of Churchill Square. By day it hosts Culinary Workshops and Adventures. By night, it transforms into a pop-up tasting. Enjoy the specialties of local chefs and unique beverages on our furnished Sip 'n Savour patio.

Original Taste Experience Since 1984, Taste of Edmonton has been offering a delicious sampling of what Edmonton restaurants have to offer. Of course we like to keep things fresh! With all of the city’s best food and drinks gathered together in Sir Winston Churchill Square, this festival will be sure to hit your sweet spot.

Beer or wine, sweet or savoury, gluten or gluten-free, folk music or jazz – whatever you fancy, you will be able to find it at Taste of Edmonton 2015!

Don't forget to stop by and say hello to YESS at the "Beverage Oasis" too during your visit too!

The festival runs from July 16th to the 25th. To learn more about The Taste of Edmonton; visit www.tasteofedm.ca