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Fundraiser FAQ

So you want to host a fundraiser?

Great! We here at Youth Empowerment & Support Services truly appreciate your support and we couldn’t keep our door open without community members like you!

Listed below are some basic tips to help you host an event and also the answers to our most asked questions when it comes to putting together a fundraiser.

I have decided that I want to hold a fundraiser on behalf of YESS.  How do I register my event with your organization?

Once you have an idea about what type of event you want to have; please visit our website and fill out our Community Events Form. This form assists our organization in determining how we can best help you accomplish your goals for the day and what resources we may need to use to execute your event.

I want to help, but what if I have no idea what kind of fundraiser to host? 

Don't worry, we can help! We have had many unique events held on our behalf and we can suggest a variety of fun activities to get your guests interested and engaged about giving back. We have been the recipients of funds raised through penny drives, lemonade stands, info booths, car washes, fun runs, concerts, talent shows and much more!

I want to request that someone from YESS be present at my event. How do I do that?

Please indicate on our Community Events Form that you would like a speaker and we would be happy to send someone to your event! Although we would love to send a staff member out to each and every event, it isn't always possible due to limited resources and the number of events we attend each year.  Instead, we will often send out a YESS Ambassador.  While YESS Ambassadors are not paid staff members, they are dedicated volunteers that have had full training from our agency and are knowledgeable about all of our programs and services.  All staff members and volunteers will come equipped with YESS resource materials to hand out to your guests. Ambassadors are available to be on site to run a donation booth at your event, or alternatively would also be happy to give a speech about our organization to your guests, as requested.

I want to have a 50/50 at my event, how do I obtain the proper licenses needed?

It’s tricky to get the proper paper work on your own and you will likely need the assistance of the charity to register for the right documentation. That being said, we would be happy to file the forms on your behalf. Please let us know what price points you will be selling the tickets at.  (Example: 1 ticket for $5.00, 3 tickets for $10.00 or 10 tickets for $20.00)

Please try not to pick more than three price points, as they usually sell better with minimal choices. If you request a YESS representative to attend your event; the person attending your event will bring the raffle license and tickets needed. If you do not require a YESS representative to attend your event; you can purchase your own raffle tickets at any dollar store. We only request that you keep the winners full contact information (name, number, address, e-mail address) and the first and last ticket numbers from the batch you sold so that we can file it with AGLC at a later date.

Example: Ticket start number: 0000001   //   Ticket end number: 0000321
(Indicating that 321 total tickets were sold at your event)

*You will also need to hold on the to winning raffle ticket and turn it into us at a later date.

Please keep in mind that some items will need special licenses if you are doing a raffle for a big ticket item give away at your event. We will also fill out all the proper documentation for you if you let us know the items full description and value ahead of time.

How do I get auction items for my event?

Your best resources for auction items are your friends and family! Many of your existing contacts may be able to donate gift cards or items if you let them know you are hosting a fundraiser for a local charity. Additionally, many businesses around Edmonton and area are already great supports of our organization and generously donate towards various fundraisers throughout the year. You can send them a letter via e-mail through their business website or request a donation in person. Some businesses request our charitable number in order to comply with their company’s donation policy. You are welcome to forward it to them if requested.

Our charitable number is: No. 12953-7437RR0001.

If this is your first time getting auction items and you are feeling a little apprehensive about approaching businesses, we suggest looking up tips online to get you started. There is a wealth of information available online for free that is often of invaluable to the success of your event.  We would also be happy to let you know the names of a few businesses that may be open to donating to your upcoming fundraiser.

Do you have a form I can use to track incoming donations or pledges from guests?

Yes! Please request a copy from our Community Engagement Coordinator or Donor Relations Coordinator and we will send it to you via e-mail for you to print as many copies as you would like to use.

How do I get more guests to attend my event and how do I let the public know about my event? 

Two words... Social media!
We would be happy to upload your fundraisers details to our website under our Community Events section of our website where our supporters often check to get you started. Many local websites also promote charity events on their website for free. Some of the places we use to post our events that we want the public know about are:

  • Kijiji
  • Yelp
  • The Local Good
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

We rely heavily on Twitter and Facebook to promote our events. If you aren’t familiar with online advertising, please let our Community Engagement Coordinator know and they would be happy to meet with you to give you a thirty minute tutorial about how to effectively use these websites to promote your event and gain a large audience. We would be able to answer any additional questions you may have at that time as well.

Do you have any insight on what works and what doesn’t for fundraisers? 

The most successful events we see are usually talent shows, concerts and auctions.  In the past we have noticed fashion shows don’t bring in as much in funds compared to the amount of planning required to pull off the event. That being said, we are open to trying this route again in the future if you have any related ideas in mind that might prove successful.

Events that require many volunteers are tougher to plan and execute for YESS. As we host many fundraising events throughout the year, we often utilize our volunteers to help us work our events and often they are not able to pick up shifts at 3rd party events too. If you are able to recruit some friends to help you out on your special day, it would really help things run smoothly!

Have another question that you don’t see here?

Please contact Youth Empowerment & Support Services Community Engagement Coordinator to discuss any further inquiries you may have at 780-468-7070.