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Write Your MLA

Many youth-serving agencies in Alberta receive all or most of their operating funds from the government. YESS, however, receives only 20% of our annual operating funds from the Government of Alberta. 

Why do some organizations get so much funding while YESS gets relatively little?

The answer is because YESS has made a very conscious choice not to conform to the very specific organizational profile required to receive this level of government funding.  One of the biggest obstacles to meeting the government's criteria, is the requirement for all clients to have "status" with Children & Family Services.  Each year, YESS provides shelter and/or support to more than 500 at-risk and homeless youth. Only 40% of these youth have a file or "status" with Children & Family Services.  If YESS were to accept only kids with status, more than 300 kids in need would be without intervention, adequate support and shelter in a time of crisis.

Our team at YESS is advocating for the government to fund support for all youth, not just those who have a file with Children's Services. 

You can help by making your voice heard.

We encourage you to write to your government representatives, especially your MLA, and let them know that this issue is important to you. Writing your publicly elected official to express your concern is a powerful way to lobby government.  The more that an MP/MLAs hears about an issue, the more likely they are to take action.

For a sample letter that you can copy and paste into a letter or email to your government representative click here

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Not sure who to send your letter to?

To get contact information for your Alberta MLA, representing you at the provincial level click here.

To get contact information for your Alberta MP, representing you at the federal level click here.

To get contact information for Edmonton City Council click here.