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Support Services

The Client Navigator helps connect you and your family to resources within YESS and our community. They help to:

  • promote and facilitate family reunification
  • develop goals with you while identifying and securing natural and professional supports in your life
  • work with you to develop a safety, crisis, and/or a transition plan within your support network
  • assist you in obtaining identification, funding for school, and access to mental health or addictions treatment
  • advise and/or support you with travel to specific appointments
  • assist you in obtaining and securing housing in a group home or independently

The Youth Education and Employment Program provides youth between the ages of 15-24 with skills and knowledge to help identify career goals, access job-specific training, and learn job readiness skills like cover letter writing and interview skills.

While you learn work skills, the Employment Coordinators and Support Services staff provide follow-up support, and a range of other services to help you achieve and maintain employment.

While in this program you will receive a living allowance/wage. The program is 16 weeks long.

Speak to any program staff if you are interested in learning more or applying for the Youth Education and Employment Program.

The Transition/Cultural Worker will help you succeed in your life’s transitions. That transition could be from homelessness or group care into independence. Through that transition, the Transition/Cultural Worker will:

  • provide support, information, and follow-up visits to ensure the transition is not met with any barriers
  • promote the culture of the community and introduce you to additional programs, events, and supports that are available
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