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Volunteer with the Special Events Team 

Our Special Events Team is composed of a wide range of individuals - from the energetic to the laid back, we've got something for everyone! By signing up to be a part of our Special Events Team, we ask that you commit to helping out at just 1 event per year. Whether you volunteer at one of YESS' major events, such as our annual Gala for Youth or Charity Golf Classic, or at one of our dozens community/third party events that take place throughout the year, you'll be helping YESS support homeless youth in Edmonton. 

Volunteer duties might include selling 50/50 or raffle tickets, working in a count room, providing information about YESS, helping out at an auction, or any number of other things. To sign up, simply fill out this quick application form

Volunteer onsite at YESS

If you are interested in volunteering with YESS on a regular basis, check out our volunteer opportunities to see what we offer! If you see something interesting that you think you'd like to be involved in, please complete and submit a General Volunteer Application.

After doing that, all chosen applicants will be contacted with details about the next upcoming Volunteer Information Session. 


Next Volunteer Information Session

The next Volunteer Information Session will be hosted in the Fall (dates TBD). If you would like to attend, you can submit the General Volunteer Application linked above.

Attending an Information Session, besides being a mandatory part of volunteering with YESS, will give you a chance to learn more about YESS, its clients, and the upbeat, fun environment you’ll be working in! Volunteer Information Sessions are generally scheduled every other month, or as needed, and are a requirement for volunteers working on-site or directly with youth. They are booked in the evenings or on weekends and only last about an hour and a half. They are a great chance to learn about the different youth-serving prorgams we run and about all the volunteer positions at YESS. Plus, they’re a great way to meet fellow future volunteers!



Questions? Email volunteer@yess.org! 



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