There are many ways you can make a positive difference in the lives of youth in our community. One of more of these options might be right for you!

Contact our Donor Relations and Philanthropy team at 780.468.7070 or if you have any questions or want to move forward with your gift!

You can leave a lasting legacy for youth by making a bequest to YESS in your will.

By doing so, you will be part of our relentless dedication to supporting youth on their journeys towards healing and appropriate community integration. Your bequest could help innovative programs get started, or provide counselling or a warm bed and food.

Benefits to making a bequest

  • Your bequest will generate a charitable tax credit which will reduce your income taxes in your final year and possibly the prior year.
  • Because your estate may pay less in tax, a bequest to YESS could allow you to leave more to your heirs.
  • While your are alive you bequest is revocable. Should your financial or personal circumstances change, you can always change your will and alter your bequest.

Independent advice is critical

  • Our Donor Relations and Philanthropy team are happy to help support you in realizing your philanthropic wishes for YESS, but the ultimate responsibility for your estate and the tax implications and/or legal constraints and consequences of your donation rests with you and your legal and financial advisor(s). Please seek independent legal and financial advice.

The wording of your bequest is important

  • To ensure that your intentions are carried out, consult your lawyer and ensure your bequest is made to Y.E.S.S.: Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton, operating as Youth Empowerment and Support Services, Canada Revenue Agency No.: 129537437 RR0001

Unrestricted gifts

  • To ensure that YESS is able to use your legacy gift to its fullest, please consider an unrestricted gift, which will be directed to the area of greatest need at the time we receive your bequest.

YESS has an Endowment Fund with the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). An endowment fund means the principal gift is not spent but income from that gift supports YESS every year.

To help our fund grow:

  • Make a donation to YESS, with directions that your gift to be added to the Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton Fund at ECF
  • Make a gift through your will, with directions that your gift to be added to the Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton Fund at ECF
  • Establish your named fund and create your personal legacy

Here’s how to save taxes and increase the impact of your gift to YESS through an “in kind” gift of publicly traded securities to YESS.

Did you know?

  1. You do not pay tax on the capital gain.
  2. You do receive a charitable tax receipt for the full fair market value of the securities on the day YESS receives them.

In Alberta, an in-kind gift of shares or mutual funds may provide almost $200 of additional tax savings for every $1,000 of capital gain than would be the case if you sold the shares and gave the proceeds to YESS. This tax incentive also applies to “in-kind” gifts of publicly traded securities made in your will.

Share transfer instructions and share transfer forms are available. There is also more information on Canada Helps. If you are considering this kind of gift, we encourage you to contact us directly to ensure a smooth transfer process.

The transfer of different kinds of securities take different amounts of time, please allow ample time before year-end to facilitate your gift.  We welcome your questions and discussions around this (or any type of) gift to YESS.

A relatively small investment can translate into a significant gift to YESS.

You can transfer ownership of an existing life insurance policy to YESS and you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of the policy.


  1. You can purchase a policy making YESS the owner and beneficiary, and you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the annual premiums paid on the policy. On your passing, the insurance proceeds will come directly to YESS.
  2. You can retain ownership of your insurance policy and name YESS as the beneficiary. On your passing, proceeds will come directly to YESS. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the insurance proceeds received which may reduce taxes in the year of death, or the prior year.

If you could talk to our kids, what would you say?

The Roommates Program is an opportunity for individual donors and groups to support our youth with moral support.

You can support the kids at YESS by funding a room–and we have a lot of them! Some organizations choose to fund family spaces, like the kitchens or living rooms in Shanoa’s & Graham’s Place, while others choose to support the Nexus (emergency overnight) shelter.

The Roommates Program can be:

  • an opportunity to memorialize a loved one
  • honour a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary
  • a corporate team building activity

Donors are invited to provide an inspirational quote or message that let our kids see–literally–that there are people out there who care about them and want to support them. Sound hard? Our kids have provided us with quotes and sayings that inspire them–you could choose on of theirs!

All contributions receive a charitable tax receipt. You can be a roommate for as little as $100 per month!

Donate a Car Canada makes donating your vehicle simple for you and for your favourite charity!

YESS and Donate a Car Canada have partnered so you can easily donate your old car and make a difference in the lives of youth in Edmonton.

To start the donation process with Donate a Car visit

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