Changes at YESS

YESS has been diligently working towards a new mission and vision for young people, aiming to create an environment where all young people have barrier-free access to the help they need when they need it and where they need it. To do this work, YESS has made the decision to concentrate our efforts on what we do best: 24/7 crisis intake, primary medical and mental health care support, and safe sleeping for youth.

As of April 1, 2024, we are closing our supportive housing program Shanoa’s Place and shifting away from housing, entrusting our expert partners in the Youth Agency Collaboration to continue their outstanding work in this area. We are also moving out of the Connaught Armoury and returning it to the City of Edmonton. All YESS programming and administration will be located at our Whyte Ave building (9310 82 Ave).

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Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)’ Youth Support Centres are a 24/7, single-point-of-access to immediate and low-barrier physical, mental, cultural, and emotional health supports and safe places to stay for youth aged 15-21 who are experiencing crisis in the Edmonton Metro Area. Youth Support Centres also host Monday to Friday Resource and Health Hubs with physical and mental health clinics and youth-supporting resources to ensure youth 15-24 get the help they need, when they need it, and where they need it—in their community.

Our focus is on building strong collaborations with our Youth Agency Collaboration partners to leverage what each of us does best, to create more effective processes, outcomes, and opportunities for youth.

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If you’re a teen or young adult who has no place to go, we understand. We can help.

Based in Edmonton, Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) provides immediate and low-barrier 24/7 shelter for youth ages 15-21, and daytime programs and resources with individualized wrap-around support for youth 15-24.

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24/7 Shelter
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • 780.468.7070
  • 9310 82 Avenue
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Your donation supports YESS programs and resources that help youth reach their goals!


Together, we can support youth on their journeys towards healing. Around our buildings, in our programs, and in our community, volunteers make a difference!


Creating a community for youth to continue on their journeys towards healing is an important part of the work we do.


Good Neighbour Commitment

Good Neighbour Commitment YESS is committed to being a good neighbour and working with the surrounding neighbourhoods to share information, address issues and explore opportunities to give back to the community.

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Life at YESS
Our new focus is on addressing the holistic wellbeing of young people and a collaborative process amongst agencies to ensure young people get the help
Life at YESS
We are entering an era of change at YESS as we come out of winter, out of some of the most intense realities of the pandemic, and after integrating th
Life at YESS
YESS has been diligently working towards a new mission and vision for young people, aiming to create an environment where all young people have barrie