If you’re a teen or young adult who has no place to go, we understand. We can help.


We serve youth ages 15-21 in our shelter and residence programs, and youth ages 15-24 in our daytime programs.

If you need help or referrals to addictions counselling, legal advocacy, or human services, or if you have problems in your life you can’t handle on your own, please drop by.

Nexus 24/7 Shelter
9310 82 Avenue

Armoury Resource Centre
Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM
10310 85 Avenue

Nexus Overnight Shelter

Program hours are 24/7

Our 24-bed shelter, Nexus, is a safe, secure, and immediate place to stay. The shelter provides beds for sleeping, basic needs like food, clothing, showers and laundry, school supplies, and packed lunches if you’re attending school or going to work. This is a safe place for all youth with support and access to staff. We are LGBTQ2S+ friendly.

  • We have harm reduction minded staff, with suicidal ideation intervention and safety planning
  • If you need, you will also receive justice support from staff. Our organization works closely with EPS beat officers to understand charges and pathways. Our staff can also work with you to review judicial documents and assist with reminders for appointments and court dates
  • Staff work to build community support connections before you leave program, to ensure supports exist beyond your time at YESS


Program hours are Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM.

The Armoury Resource Centre (ARC) is home to a variety of daytime programs including:

  • medical care
  • addictions and mental health counselling
  • help with continuing education and employment
  • art therapy and programming
  • recreational activities
  • life skills and employment readiness
  • help with housing resources

 ARC provides basic needs and shelter from the elements with the support of non-judgemental staff in a safe place to hang out without the fear of loitering or trespassing charges. At ARC, you have a safe place to come where you can build, on their own terms, relationships with our staff.

ARC is also where you can connect with our Support Services workers.


YESS provides two supportive housing facilities: Graham’s Place and Shanoa’s Place. For youth who need the stability and support of a longer-term placement than our shelter, our two residences provide a homelike environment while youth work on their goals.

For referrals into any of the homes (Shanoa’s Place and Graham’s Place) you can talk to a Client Navigator or your caseworker can send a referral through the placement unit.


The Coordinated Youth Response was started by a group of agencies in Edmonton to better help youth during the pandemic. It’s about improving the way we provide services to youth.

We can better connect you with agencies so you can get help right away.

You will only have to share your personal information once and with your consent, it will be shared with agencies participating in the Coordinated Youth Response.

We will then connect you with agencies by setting up a video conference call with agencies that we think will help you.

It’s your choice to participate. Anytime you are not comfortable with something, let us know. We will listen to you and see what we can do.

Whyte Ave Building exterior

Our building on Whyte Ave is the home of our Nexus Shelter.

ARC Exterior

This is the Armoury Resource Centre, home of our daytime programs and our support services team.