2022-2023 Annual Report

Thank you for your support and partnership during our 2022-2023 fiscal year. The world is rapidly adjusting to new realities and innovating ways that we can connect, be safe, and relate to each other, and so is YESS. In our 2022-2023 year, we focused on data, evaluation, reflection, analysis, and process improvement. We spent the year envisioning what YESS needs to be in the next five and 10 years and all of the opportunities in front of us. I am most proud of the way YESS staff and youth supported each other through periods of illness, change, fatigue, and sometimes despair. This work is difficult, complex, messy, and emotional, and we make mistakes all the time, but we lean in and continue to grow and get better, which is exactly what the young people are doing.

And as always, I and we all are so grateful for the love, support, passionate commitment, and friendship we receive and share with our partners, donors, funders, and neighbours.

Thank you,
Margo Long
President & CEO | Youth Empowerment and Support Services


2022-2023 Financial Statements


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2022-2023 Outcomes & Results

Youth Empowered in 2022-2023
Volunteer Hours in 2022
YESS Youth Have Experienced Trauma
YESS Youth Identify as Indigenous

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