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Support Services

The Client Navigator helps connect youth and families to resources within YESS and our community. They help to:

  • promote and facilitate family reunification and pursue and maintain the youth’s natural supports
  • develop goals with the youth while identifying and securing those natural and professional supports
  • work with the youth to develop a safety, crisis, and/or a transition plan within their support network. This is done through regular meetings and communications with the youth their supports
  • assist youth in obtaining identification, funding for school, and access to mental health treatment, advise and/or support youth with travel to specific appointments and assist youth in obtaining and securing housing in a group home or independently

The Youth Education and Employment Program provides youth between the ages of 15-24 with skills and knowledge to help them identify career goals, access job-specific training, and learn job readiness skills like cover letter writing and interview skills.

While youth learn work skills, the Employment Coordinators and Support Services staff provide follow-up support, and a range of other services to help youth achieve and maintain employment.

Attendance at both the foundation and practicum modules include living allowances/wages. Speak to the Employment Coordinator if you are interested in learning more or applying for the Youth Education and Employment Program

 The Employment Coordinator provides information, completes intake, and facilitates the Education and Employment Program. They will:

  • assist youth with creating and updating resumes and cover letters and will help with job searching and applying
  • provide information and complete referrals about available jobs, job fairs, and other community employment programs
  • connect and build relationships with other agencies and companies to better support our youth

The Transition/Cultural Worker helps youth transition from one area of their life to another area. That transition could be from homelessness or group care into independence. Through that transition, the Transition/Cultural Worker will:

  • provide support, information, and follow-up visits to ensure the transition is not met with any hurdles
  • promote the culture of the community and introduce to youth the additional programs, events, and supports that are available
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