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Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS)


Empowering youth from difficult realities.


YESS is a relentlessly dedicated not-for-profit organization that shapes the future of Edmonton by supporting youth facing difficult realities.


YESS is a relentlessly dedicated not-for-profit organization that shapes the future of Edmonton by supporting youth facing difficult realities. YESS offers distinctive and invaluable services through a variety of channels that range from immediate emergency shelter to ongoing support programs and individual guidance.

Key Messages

YESS is unconditionally devoted to youth in difficult realities. Through relentless dedication and passion, YESS offers youth facing difficult realities the opportunity to become engaged, supported, and confident in building their futures.

YESS is one of a kind. YESS offers support to youth who don’t fit into other Edmonton services. By offering age-appropriate programs, housing, and opportunities for education, YESS serves youth who fall into a gap not otherwise visible.

YESS invests in the future, plain and simple. YESS’ investment in youth is an investment in Edmonton. The programs and vision of YESS are dedicated to invoking a sense of community involvement, respect, and integrity within a population of youth who, through currently facing difficult realities, may form the civic backbone of our future city.

YESS is more than an emergency shelter. While YESS does offer immediate shelter for homeless youth, the majority of its efforts go towards long-term support and bettering the futures of youth facing difficult realities. YESS services include guidance, training, and outreach as well as housing and shelter.


Nexus provides short-term shelter and security, with a focus on rapid rehousing for youth who are newly homeless.

While staying at Nexus, each youth completes an assessment process to identify their needs. Based on their assessment, we provide a referral to an appropriate longer-term housing placement, whether at YESS or elsewhere.

The Armoury Resource Centre (ARC)

ARC hosts a variety of programming and specialized services for youth in difficult situations, including basic medical care, counseling, and educational programs.

This is also the site where YESS’ Mosaic and Compass services are delivered.


Mosaic comprises a group of trained youth care professionals who work one-on-one with youth and help them set, achieve, and celebrate their short-term goals.

Mosaic workers coordinate a team to wrap services around each youth – drawing from YESS, other youth-serving agencies, community partners and the youth’s own personal support network – and ensures that each client gets the services they need.


When people experience neglect, abuse or other forms of trauma as children, there can be lasting effects on their ability to manage emotions and relationships. Based on powerful advances in clinical research and practice, Compass allows youth to build the emotional resilience and coping skills they need to be healthy and successful.

Graham’s Place & Shanoa’s Place

For those youth who need it, YESS provides a safe, supportive, longer-term home. Under the care of their youth workers (Graham’s Place) and house parents (Shanoa’s Place), youth experience what many of us take for granted – stability, security, nurturing relationships, and the chance to enjoy the things they love to do.

Depending on their individual needs, youth live at either Graham’s Place on Whyte Avenue, or Shanoa’s Place in West Edmonton


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