YESS is Evolving to Better Address the Challenges of Youth in Crisis

Based in Edmonton, YESS helps young people ages 15-24 who are in crisis because of family or community breakdown, mental illness, traumatic experiences, and often all of the above.

We provide safe spaces for young people to get immediate 24/7 crisis help, sleep safely, and access the basic necessities for survival as well as build the tools and life skills they need for wellbeing and healthy adulthood.

We have evolved over our 40+ years of operation from an overnight emergency shelter to an expert in youth crisis intervention and support, as well as a collaborative partner in a community of youth care leveraging 25+ Edmonton youth agencies focused on youth wellbeing.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure that young people have the help they need when they need it, and this means addressing a significant gap in the care system: 24/7 crisis support.


“I think that sometimes when I tell people that I stayed at YESS they feel sorry for me; although, I don’t look at my time there like that. To me I have a better life because I stayed at YESS. It wasn’t a “step-down” it was a stepping stone to me being able to create a better life. I had a team of people believing in me and cheering me on. I’m thankful for the experience.”



Who We Serve

  • Approximately 700–800 young people in crisis each year
    • 45% are Indigenous
    • 10% are newcomers
    • 35% identify as 2SLGBTQIA+
    • 75% do not have Children’s Services involvement
    • 25% of youth at YESS are supported with government funding
Our Current Services

For youth 15–21:
• 24/7 intake and crisis support

• 16 emergency beds
• 16 supportive transitional beds

For youth 15–24:
• Onsite medical professionals (3x a week)
• Onsite mental health professionals
• Meals, clothing, hygiene products, and facilities
• Internal supports and connections to external agencies for life skill development
• Programs and program connection (art, recreation, community, culture, nutrition, health)


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