YESS Quest is a 24-Hour Gaming Marathon! How you fill those 24 hours totally up to you! Into first-person shooters? We have you covered. Love Magic the Gathering? We have a table for you. Want to kick it old style with 3rd edition? We’ll fight alongside you (dice not included). Board games more your speed? Done. You’ll be gaming, slaying, and raising money for Youth Empowerment & Support Services: a worthy cause no matter what your gaming allegiance.

To join us at YESS Quest, start a fundraising page and get your friends, family, and fellow gamers to support you. You can either join us on August 19-20 at our live event at the Northlands Expo Centre or play/stream from home! Start fundraising now and watch for event registration to open on July 3!

Visit for all the information you need to start your adventure!

If your organization is interested in sponsorship this event, check out our sponsorship package for more information.