Changing the World with Your Generosity: Stories of Impact from YESS

My wife was a high school English teacher who introduced a creative writing course to her students.


She invited various local authors to speak to the class and assigned various topics for them to practice writing about. Toward the end of the year, she asked them to choose their own topic and assured them that no one else would ever see the stories and they would be treated with the strictest confidence. She was amazed and saddened by the number of stories that dealt with unhappy homes and negative personal experiences. She wished she could do more for them.


Then she learned about YESS and the approach you took toward helping youth. You immediately became her favourite for her donations. We both appreciate the work you are doing and your way of doing it.”   


-A most beautiful note that is a simple and heartfelt gift wrapped with the knowledge and appreciation that life’s struggles can and do much to shape a young life.


Stories are like a hand-crafted quilt with their structured creativity, fanciful stitching of words, linear patterns of thought, bursts of color and emotion. For these young people, this purposeful exercise was perhaps less about the particular challenges being penned, and more about the creative spirit that plays a role in overcoming a mosaic of hardships. The connecting threads of the written word.  

Gifts endure. And every gift, be it small or large, has at heart a story woven around it with a generosity of thought and hope for the future: wishing warmth and comfort for another that we ourselves enjoy; fostering encouragement to work towards dreams and the celebration of accomplishments that we too have achieved in our lives; the power of being present with a kind and encouraging word; knowing that you are recognized and valued.


“I think that sometimes when I tell people that I stayed at YESS they feel sorry for me; although, I don’t look at my time there like that. To me I have a better life because I stayed at YESS. It wasn’t a “step-down” it was a stepping stone to me being able to create a better life. I had a team of people believing in me and cheering me on. I’m thankful for the experience.”


– Madi, former YESS youth


More and more young people need access to 24/7 crisis intervention and stabilization, a safe place to sleep during the day or night, and trauma-informed mental health support. Currently YESS is the only place in Edmonton that has 24/7 access to take in youth ages 15-21 who are in crisis and provide appropriate supports. During daytime hours, youth ages 15-24 also have access to youth resources, medical professionals, and mental health treatment services onsite. This holistic approach breaks down the barriers that currently prevent many youth from accessing help or staying on the journey to wellbeing.

Your donation ensures that youth are able to get the help they need when they need it.