Philanthropy in Action: How Your Donations are Making a Difference for Youth

Philanthropy is so vital because it has the power to accelerate progress where it’s needed most and support the causes that can fuel real change in the world. This benefits people, the planet, and society.

Philanthropy has the power to influence lasting social change. When an organization receives support, a “ripple effect” takes place.

YESS sees approximately 700-800 youth, and over the past years, we have seen a 30% increase in youth experiencing complex mental health crises. It is increasingly clear that Edmonton is in urgent need for additional 24/7 crisis intervention centres in community associated with agency service hubs and trauma-based mental health clinics. Currently, YESS is the only organization offering 24/7 access to crisis intervention and stabilization, as well as daytime programming, recreation, and mental health and primary medical care. Our intent is to address the immediate need we are seeing for youth in crisis and build a strong evaluation model for the Community Youth Support Centre that is scalable and repeatable across the city.

While we have seen a significant increase in youth in crisis over the last years, we have seen a decrease in the funding and support for agencies who support these youth.

As a donor or volunteer or supporter who speaks up for youth, you are an integral part of the transformative process youth experience when they have appropriate supports. Your contributions extend far beyond transactions of money: they are catalysts for positive change, shaping the trajectory of lives and influencing the future of communities and societies.

Together, through philanthropy in action, we can continue to empower youth, unlocking their potential and building a future filled with promise and opportunity.

You can ensure that there is always a light on for youth in our community.


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