Donor Spotlight: Monthly Giving

*this donor requested to remain anonymous


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Our family are born Edmontonians, derived from homesteader stock. I was gifted with the ability and means to achieve a professional career. I recognize that although I have always worked hard, I was granted a degree of privilege that was not evenly distributed in our society in the 1980s and 90s.

What inspired you to start giving to YESS?

We believe in the dignity of all lives, and we recognize that not all people are free to be their authentic selves. With the recent attacks on one segment of our youth… we felt the need to re-direct some of our support for social programs into more direct youth support. 

What made you choose monthly giving as your way to give?

I value simplicity. With monthly giving, I don’t have to think about the financial end again until I want to change the amount. It’s just easy.

What is one thing you wish the community knew about YESS youth?

I don’t pretend to be the expert on the youth. But I can say that people end up in horrifying circumstances for a variety of reasons, and our society needs to empower people to get out of bad situations—whether that is a choice to leave home for a more precarious situation, or a choice to re-build a life some time afterwards.