What is the Youth Agency Collaboration?

The Youth Agency Collaboration was formed in 2019 by a group of youth serving agencies with one mission: create a strategic, connected continuum of care throughout Edmonton that will ensure young people have solid, holistic foundations upon which they can build their futures. Today, the Youth Agency Collaboration is more than 27 youth agencies dedicated to providing comprehensive supports and minimal barriers around-the-clock for youth while driving meaningful collaboration and outcomes sharing between stakeholders. Most importantly, the Youth Agency Collaboration is dedicated to shifting the funding, the dialogue, and the focus for youth to be on their holistic wellbeing.


The Current State of Youth Crisis in Edmonton

The need for a better strategy to support youth wellbeing could not be more urgent. We are seeing the following trends and increases across agencies:

  • increased youth in crisis presenting at agencies
  • increased youth houselessness
  • increased numbers of youth trying to access shelter and in youth agencies
  • increased number of youth using substances as well as overdose and poisonings
  • increased suicide and suicidal ideation in youth
  • increased number of youth with significant complex mental health issues
  • increased crisis incident in community with youth (arson, crime, violence)
  • increased instances of discrimination, fear and hate towards youth (cultural, identity-based, poverty and homelessness)