Donor Interview: Earthgroove Activewear

A huge THANK YOU to Earthgroove Activewear, who made and donated 200 masks that use in our programs! Earthgroove Activewear is an incredible local brand. Learn more from founder Jill Boychuk about their mission and why they support YESS!

We want to shine and empower others to shine.  We are connected to each other, our earth, and our passion to live a life of creativity and wonder. Our mission is to be part of the community and to make a positive impact to all around us. 

Earthgroove celebrates the power as women, to be bold and inspire change within ourselves and others.  We are an Edmonton-based business employing local woman to sew and design inspirational athletic wear made from eco-friendly, high quality materials. 

Graphics and designs are developed locally by female artisans who are on a mission to support economic empowerment, education, equal employment, health; they are creating long-term positive changes.

We got involved with YESS because we are a company that loves to make a difference and wants to make an impact with mental health and youth.  If we can make an impact by wearing something that matters and works well, we are contributing to society and standing for something.

The bright masks with the logo are a 3-layer premium mask with a filter and we felt the colours would brighten the environment and make it more positive for the organization.

Community matters and supporting each other and in times of need is important. There needs to be someone to stand by you and support you and believe in who you are and what matters. 

That’s what Earthgroove Activewear is about, and the company will continue to support initiatives and causes that matter to us.

Earthgroove Activewear
Owner and creator: Jill Boychuk (Edmonton)
Photographer and branding: Steven Csorba
Website creator: Abdullah/ ABN Works (Edmonton)
Graphic Designer: Lisa
Printer/Seamstress/Director: Lois Bonser, All Canadian Gear
Graphic Designer: Lisa McLeod (Calgary)
Seamstresses: Candie Moehr (Edmonton) and Lois Bonser (Edmonton)

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