Monthly Donor: Alan Beacham

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Alan Beacham. My wife and I have been married for 50 years and have two grown children. We have lived in in Alberta for most of our lives. I retired from the communications industry several years ago.

What inspired you to start giving to YESS?

 As our kids grew up we welcomed many of their friends and school mates into our home, getting to know a few of them quite well. During that time we came to see the benefits and difficulties that some kids encountered at home, at school, and in their daily lives. We saw that their lives could go off the rails through no fault of their own. Our children went off to further education, met their future partners and started careers and families. We settled in to a routine, but I always wondered what had happened to those young people we had known who had been having a rough time of it. Had they overcome their problems? When I heard about YESS, an organization that helps young people who need mentoring and shelter, I decided to contribute by donating needed items and by helping out financially.

What made you choose monthly giving as your way to give?

My wife and I have attended some open houses at YESS. We’ve seen the facilities and met the amazing staff. Listening to them we came to understand that all donations are welcome, but a steady source of income is important to continue support for youth and to plan for the future. We also heard that government grants come and go. To help give YESS some stability, we decided that we wanted to step up with monthly donations.

What is one thing you wish the community knew about YESS youth?

I don’t think people realize how vulnerable and at risk young people are when they have had to escape abuse and neglect. I try to remember how it felt to be a teenager. I never had bad things happen to me, but I know I’d have been grateful for a helping hand.

Every gift of every size is an investment in the future of our community. Together we can create a community where we can all heal together and thrive together.

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