Monthly Donors: Liu & Associates

Tell us a bit about your organization.

Liu & Associates LLP is a CPA firm established in Edmonton for over 25 years. We have two partners and professional staff. We have an office in both Edmonton and Calgary and have clients both in Canada, Hong Kong and China. Mr. Raymond Liu, CPA CA, HKCPA, RFP, CFP and Mr. Dwayne Loewen CPA CA are our partners. We are proud to have them head our firm. Our firm as always tried to balance what we have been blessed with what we can give back. We support four foster children in addition to our support of YESS.  Recently we made and sent 98 masks to the Michael Garon Hospital in Toronto. Most years at Christmas we will make a donation of new jackets and winter gear to the food banks to distribute and in the past, we have sometimes brought food to be prepared by cooks at YESS so that the kids could have a holiday meal.  

What inspired you to start giving to YESS?

Children’s issues have always been something we hold closely to our hearts. We started our relationship with YESS many years ago. At the time, we had provided new bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets) for all the beds at the time. We had also established a farmer’s market in our building’s parking lot where stall revenue was to go to YESS. The Blanket Project came to be when we had visited the facilities and the starkness and reality of the situation struck deeply in the heart of the staff sent out on the visit after seeing the room where all the cots were set up. The bunk beds were clean and the room was immaculate and above grade, but as is necessary for such rooms, it was not a place that was there to nurture. The room did its job well. It provided shelter. This leaves us to provide the children/young adults with more. Compared to the what our own kids had at home (along with the family and love that surrounded them) it would have been impossible to go on from that moment and do nothing to help. The thought of our own children being brought so low in life that they would need YESS was heartbreaking. We were also told that at the time, there was no budget for the kids to have a meal before they had to leave the facility in the morning (unless a donation of food or money happened to be at hand). This led to our firm’s pledge to provide a small breakfast for the kids before they had to leave each day.

What made you choose monthly giving as your way to give?

We actually do weekly giving. We wanted to ensure that the money went directly to the breakfast plan. It also was psychologically and fiscally easier to split out our giving than to have to pay out a large amount at once.

What is one thing you wish the community knew about YESS youth? 

The children/young adults who use the facilities at YESS aren’t destined to carry on to become the homeless and unfortunate people of our society. They could have a very different future. One that includes going to school. Working. Contributing to society’s benefit. We could give that to them. Just give them a chance. 

Canada is a middle class society, this means that (I know not all of us, especially at this time, but) most of us could contribute the price of a lunch for two ($30) at least once a week to give these kids the chance without missing that lunch.  Some fortunate among us, especially because of COVID-19 (saving money on gas from working at home, eating at home instead of lunching or dining out) may even be in a better position to give. I would say to these people that if you particularly want to help, if you are feeling helpless, then give. Give the chance of a life, a career, hope, family, and purpose. 

Canadians, Edmontonians, give a lot. It’s prevalent in all the different charities and Go Fund Me movements around. It’s important to not forget these kids who are always there and always in need even when some terrible tragedy hits that takes our attention away.

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